Bitterley Parish Council



Bitterley Parish Council


Draft Minutes of the meeting held at Bitterley Village Hall


On Wednesday 11th January, 2017







Chairman: Mr RJ Osborne


Members: Mrs AM Holman (Vice Chairman), Mr HCH Chance, Mr HWJ Watkins,


Mr D Rogers, Mr J. Gatehouse Mr C Chillingworth, Mr PJ Martin, Mrs K Wheeler, and Shropshire Councillor Mr Richard Huffer.


Also present: Mrs S Jones (Clerk), Mrs B. Cherry and Mr James Wheeler


  1. To receive apologies and reasons for absence:

    Mr DT Price (Not well)

    2)     Declarations of Interest.


    3)  Public Participation

    Mr Wheeler explained to the meeting how his digester works.  Mr Wheeler would like to give households in the village the opportunity to benefit from it. There doesn’t appear to be any Government grants available for help in funding the infrastructure, so there would need to be a community project to fund it.  The heat can travel 2 miles without losing any of the heat, but there would need to be a substation. The heat maybe able to be free but there would be a charge for the electricity.  NFU have a renewable energy conference in February.  It was suggested that Mr Wheeler could give some information at the Annual Parish Meeting on the 8th March.

    Parking at the school.  Mr Wheeler thought the best solution would be to have a car park in the field next to the school with an access at the bottom of the playing ground.  The field would be an ideal spot for affordable housing.  Mr Wheeler produced a potential plan.  HC declared non-pecuniary interest.  The question was asked if the parking is reliant in the houses being built, Mr Wheeler said the car park can go ahead even if the houses are not agreed.

    4) To confirm the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 9th November 2016. The minutes were APPROVED and it was RESOLVED that the minutes be signed and ADOPTED as a true record.  Proposed by Mr HWJ Watkins and seconded by Mrs AM Holman. Minutes signed by the Chairman.


    5) Matters arising from the Minutes of the Meeting held on 9th November, 2016

    a) Orchard Lea Green – The schedule that is referred to in the covenant is not available at the land registry.    Clerk to find out if Shropshire Council still have any records relating to when South Shropshire District Council owned the land.  ACTION

    b) Mill Farm Corner – It appears that the Highways maintenance grant is still available. Clerk to investigate putting a bid together to receive the grant.  ACTION

    c)  The Solar farm at Henley: The clerk has contacted the Planning Officer and he has contacted Kronos with regards to the Unilateral Undertaking, and is awaiting a reply. If still no reply contact Nick Lumsden to see if he has any contacts.  It was a planning condition that designated access to be used.  Ledwyche Bridge which is an ancient bridge has been damaged by a vehicle as he designated route is not being followed.

    d)  Hopton Cangeford: Councillor Huffer to ask Shropshire Council Highways how they prioritise work.  Adjourned to next meeting.

    e)   Telephone Boxes:  Clerk to send more evidence to support not removing them, as they are listed Buildings.  Also clerk to report the Bitterley box does not work.

    6)  Roads:

    a)  RO has reported to Shropshire Council that there is a highway gulley cover missing so a significant hole next to road that could cause vehicular damage. It is completely missing so may have been stolen?  about 100 yards from bridge cottage on left side, just past a new gate on the road from Court Lodge to Bitterley.
    b) Several potholes opening up on same stretch of road from Bitterley to Court Lodge, part caused by spring in road now running and icing over significant risk of accident due to amount of ice and school traffic. 
    Clerk to ask SC about the frequency of gritting on that road as it is a school bus route.

    c) Snitton Road is closed due to an old water main is being flushed.

    d)  Clerk to report Bitterley to Roundthorn again ACTION.


    7)  Planning Applications

                     a) Planning application decisions already made



                     b) Planning applications for consideration

                          i) 16/05371/OUT Outline Planning Application for Proposed Dwelling at  

                            Middleton Sidings: The Parish Council support the application in principle but

                            have shown concern about surface water flow onto the road. Please could the

                            applicant ensure that sustainable drainage and permeable surfaces are used and

                            water is not diverted onto the highway when submitting full planning


                            ii) 16/05080/FUL Planning Application for 2 Storey Extension: 5 Middleton

                            The Parish Council objects to the application as the Parish Council feel that the

                            measures proposed to alleviate flooding have not supplied evidence to say that

                            this is sufficient and appropriate.


    8)   Financial Matters

                      a)  Financial Summary

                           Current Balance: £9858.58


                      b)  Cheques signed at this meeting

                            Chq 571          Mazars                                     £30.00

                            Chq 572          N Power                                  £49.31


    9)   Precept Requirement for 2017/18

           After discussing the income and expenditure Mr HCH Chance proposed and

           Mr PJ Martin seconded the request £6,860 for 2017/18 precept, agreed by all.


    10. Shropshire Local Plan Review

          Shropshire Council proposes to publish a consultation document setting out issues and

          strategic options for the Local Plan Review for in January / February 2017. Parish

          Councils, individuals and organisations who have registered an interest will be

          notified of the consultation arrangements by email prior to the consultation period. The

          comments received will be used to inform the further development of the partial review of

          the Local Plan and there will be a further opportunity to comment on a full draft of the

          revised draft Local Plan during 2017-18. 


    11. Parish and Town Council Strategic Freight Study

          This is an online survey on behalf of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin

          Councils and the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership.  The results from the surveys will

          help to develop  a freight strategy for the Marches that is most appropriate for the area.

          CC to complete and send to the clerk to submit.  ACTION


    12. Correspondence

          a)  Shropshire Bus Strategy 2017 – 2021: Consultation

               Public transport provides access to essential services, including those more vulnerable

               and living in rural areas. SC is facing considerable challenges and needs to set a

               strategy which ensures available budgets are spent in line with clearly defined local

               bus priorities.  SC is asking for people’s views on a new strategy.  This proposes a

               number of objectives and priorities which will determine how budgets are allocated

               and to provide a robust process for decision making.  KW to complete.  ACTION




    13) Reports

          a)  Speeding through Middleton: GS believes that the maintenance team may have turned off the VAS at the eastern end of the village temporarily for safety reasons as there have been complaints about night time 'dazzle' issues for drivers.  He is currently seeking an update from their street lighting team on the present position. As regards improved traffic calming measures for Middleton, the options for which were put forward at the last Annual Parish Meeting.  One option chosen, he has stated that 'speed limit review works' are to be included in the Highways programme for the financial year 2017/18 commencing this April although we don't as yet know exactly what form this will take.  The new signs which have been erected at Brick Kiln turn (junction of A4117 and B4364 affecting Middleton), are intended primarily to deter HGVs going all the way through to Bridgnorth via the B4364 which is not considered to be a suitable route for them; however no changes have yet been made to the signage at Rocks Green roundabout on the A49 to deter HGV drivers from taking this route in the first place other than some old signage which is not especially conspicuous. Glyn has undertaken to discuss the possibility of using the same new signage here with Highways England although he cannot guarantee the outcome.


          b)  Parking at Bitterley School: Next meeting is on the 26th January.

          c)  LJC: The next planning meeting is next week

          d)  Parish Plan Update:  Next Meeting Thursday 12th January, 2017 at Middleton




    13) The next meeting: will be held on 8th March, 2017 (Annual Parish Meeting) at 7.30p.m.


    The dates of further meetings:

    10th May

    12th July

    13th September

    8th November


    Note: All meetings will be at 7.30pm