Bitterley Parish Council


Mrs Sue Jones
Yew Tree Cottage,
New Road,
Hopton Bank,
Cleobury Mortimer,
DY14 0NY


To: All Parish Members, The Public and The Press.

Please note: due to the current HM Government’s measures for Covid-19, the Parish Council will meet virtually via Zoom.

If any members of the public wish to attend, make a statement or raise a question at the meeting, they should contact the Clerk before the meeting on or 01584 890375 for login details this will allow you to join online or by telephone.

To: All Members of Bitterley Parish Council: You are summoned to the Meeting of Bitterley Parish Council on Wednesday 9th September 2020 at 7.30 pm.

This meeting will be held virtually for the purpose of transacting the following business. During the meeting and at the Chairman’s discretion, the meeting will be opened to enable members of the public to ask questions of and make statements to the Council for a maximum time of 15 minutes. Questions not answered at this meeting will be answered in writing to the person asking the question or may appear as an agenda item for the next appropriate Parish Council or Committee meeting.

Yours sincerely,
Clerk to the Council.


  1. To receive apologies and reasons for absence
  2. Declarations of Interest
  3. Public Participation session
  4. To Confirm the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 29th July 2020
  5. Matters Arising from the Minutes
  6. Roads
    1. Speeding on the A4117 - Henley
  7. Street Lighting
    1. Quote for change of provider
    2. Discuss change to the period the lighting is on a night.
  8. Telephone Boxes
    1. Quote for refurbishment
  9. Consultations:
    1. PC 10-20 Changes to Current Planning System.
    2. PC12-20 Transparency and Competition
    3. PC11-20 Planning for the Future White Paper. Draft Housing Strategy
    4. Local Plan Review Consultation EPC4 – Communities framework & the devolution white paper
    5. Shropshire Fire and Rescue Integrated Risk Management Plan
    6. Code of Conduct
  10. Village Hall Agreement
  11. Financial Matters
    1. Payments made since the last meeting:
      Chq 677 D Forster £40.00
      Chq 678 S Jones – Zoom £14.39
    2. Accounts for payment:
      Chq 679 D Forster £40.00
      Chq 680 S Jones – Zoom £14.39
    3. Financial Summary:
      Balance of £29,343.29 as detailed in supporting information.
    4. Contribution to Clerks Training – Clerks Knowledge £75.00
  12. Planning Applications
    1. Planning application decisions already made
    2. Planning applications for consideration
    3. Planning decisions
    4. Planning Application at Tasley, Bridgnorth – Chicken Farm
  13. Correspondence
    1. Request for Bus Shelter at the bottom of the Dhustone Lane
  14. Reports
    1. Other Councillor Reports

Mr R. Osborne
Chairman of Bitterley Parish Council

Mrs S Jones
Parish Clerk
Yew Tree Cottage
New Road
Hopton Bank
Cleobury Mortimer
DY14 0NY

01584 890375
07779 033381